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~ I have had several sessions with Terry now and each one has been wonderful. She has done massage and Reiki on me with fantastic results. The massage has really helped the areas affected by my arthritis and made me so loose and limber afterwards. It really gets the circulation going and aides in the healing process. The Reiki is unbelievable. It really works! I feel so happy and at peace I can’t stop smiling. I would suggest anyone take advantage of the custom sessions and put together a package that fits your needs. ~Barbet P.


~ I am now going into my second year using Terryellen’s bodywork and healing services. I've been a healthcare professional for almost two decades, working with very compromised and challenging patients. One of my main outlets for stress reduction has been massage and energy healing. I've been to dozens of therapists, but have never experienced the level of healing as I have using Terryellen as my massage therapist. I remember my first massage / reiki session with her; I literally felt the energy move throughout my body. She cares about her clients in a way that I haven't experienced with other body workers. I could never put a price on that kind of healing. You also know when someone genuinely cares about your well-being and the quality of services they provide. I'd like to say that I appreciate someone who takes their profession so seriously. Since she has been my therapist, she has continually taken additional courses to improve her trade. I am impressed, and her work reflects it. You could describe this as a deep level of professionalism, and you can actually feel the depth of her integrity in her work. Out of love and respect for myself, I will continue to utilize Terryellen’s services to maintain my health and well-being. ~Wendy B.


~ I am a client of Terryellen's, and I highly recommend her. She is professional and very much in tune with her inner spirit. She was concerned that people may think my recommendation is prejudiced since I am her aunt; however, it is because I am her aunt and love her that I can honestly say what I feel. At first, I wanted to be able to tell her what she was or wasn't doing right from the view of a person who has been getting massage for years; now, I am her faithful client, and she is a fabulous massage therapist! From the very first session, I have been impressed with her professionalism and sense of peace. Knowing her all of her life, I was blown away with the change in her. Once my massage session begins, she is my "therapist" and I am her "client." Her entire demeanor shifts and she becomes peaceful - not just quiet, but peaceful. She has an inner quality that immediately calms me as a woman, and I feel safe putting myself in her hands. No matter what insanity has gone on during my day, after every session, I am calm, relaxed, and at peace. Terryellen has a unique ability to know her client's mood - one I'm not sure even she is aware of. If I want to talk with her, she speaks quietly; if I want to ask questions, she answers; and if I want to simply relax and enjoy, she is quiet. If I hadn't been receiving massage for years, I may have thought all massage therapists were like Terryellen, but I know better. Not every massage therapist has what she has - the ability to allow her clients to give up the day's anxieties and become peaceful. She has found her "calling", and she is awesome. If you want to know what it's like to have not just a massage, but a time of healing relaxation, call her - you will not regret it! ~Beverley O.


~ Terryellen is a wonderful massage therapist and energy healer. I work in the Technology Industry; it's a fast paced and stressful environment which creates a large amount of tension in my body. Terryellen’s techniques not only help relieve the tension in my muscles, but help me feel balanced and centered. I have also received several energy healing sessions with Terryellen and the results have been astounding, I left my session with such personal clarity and a feeling of enlightenment. She is truly a gifted massage therapist and energy healer. If you want someone that will listen to your needs, and produce amazing results, I would highly recommend Terryellen. ~Tina M.


~ Terry is wonderful. I look forward to each visit. She has done a little bit of everything. I feel so relaxed when she’s done that one time I actually fell asleep!  I get up the next day and I’m so limber I can do anything! She’s very sweet and personable, but very professional too. She really cares how you feel and does all she can to make you feel better. I highly recommend Terry. ~Linda M.

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