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Facing Our Fears

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Well, here it is, my first blog. You know, the one I've been planning on writing for literally years now. You might be thinking, oh c'mon... where's the Tik Tok video showcasing your amazing, although spastically rhythmic dance moves? To this I say, you should have caught me live on the scene in my 20's... ok, 30's... alright, maybe even in my 40's for that show! With all those years under my belt, I guess I have to be mature now, right? Well, that remains to be seen.

You're probably thinking, this is almost 2023 for God's sake, get a podcast or a YouTube channel already. To that I say, ARE YOU INSANE? That would expose me to all sorts of ridicule, mocking and negative comments, an internet troll's field day. Talk about FEAR! So, I put my toe in the water with this little blog. Come join me for a dip.

So, what can I say about 'facing one's fears?' There is a plethora of stories involving 'fear' that I could get into here. I'm sure you have plenty of your own to add. As a matter of fact, I invite you to stop for a minute and think about what does scare you? Is it spiders, heights or small spaces? Or is it more internal, private fears like real intimacy, abandonment, failure or even success?

Whichever fears you carry within you, consciously or unconsciously, the bottom line is we are all trying to avoid what we perceive to be some sort of discomfort or pain. Many of these fears or 'programs' have been there for quite some time and as countless experts working in the arena of human emotions agree, these typically start in childhood. So, you're saying these fears have been there pretty much my whole life?

Greeaat.... 'fixing' those issues should be NO prob, right? Although it may not be a 'one and done' type situation, I am 100% confident that your potential to grow, heal and expand as a human being is greater than you can possibly imagine. This is based on 20+ years learning as much as I could about healing trauma, fear and emotional pain. Not to mention the hundreds of clients I have sat with, cried with, laughed with and held the energetic space for as they tried to do the same. They have been my biggest source of growth and enlightenment yet.

No matter what your fears or barriers are to feeling 'good enough,' please know that there is hope and there is help all around you just waiting to show up. This help can come in limitless forms, some we can see and others we can't. It can start by taking a really deep breath and allowing it to come in. It takes practice, but I know you can do it.

By the way, you do not need to be 'fixed.' Why? Because you are already perfect. I will offer you the same message I received from spirit for my last client, you are divinity incarnate. You are pure consciousness, you are one, you are everything. You came into this existence as pure light, pure sound, pure love. And this is what you will return to when you transition. Let me rephrase that - you are pure light, pure sound, pure love, PERIOD. This was, is and always will be.

So, when you see yourself for who you really are, those fears might not be so insurmountable after all? Deep breath in..... now exhale.


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