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About Terryellen O'Neil reiki master and healer

Terryellen O'Neil
LMT, Reiki Master, 
Life/Spiritual Coach

Practice Philosophy:  The combination of a person's body, mind and spirit is an amazing system. It is an interconnected network that is constantly working to maintain a balanced, centered and healthy individual. That is our natural state of being - wellness. The addition of these healing treatments to a person's life will greatly enhance one's overall sense of this well-being on all levels. Until I experienced the benefits for myself, I too was surprised at how much better I could feel! I invite you to give yourself this same gift. You won't regret it!


Why I do what I do:  When I enrolled in massage school, it was initially for my own personal growth, education and healing. I have always believed that the mind, body, spirit approach to health made the most sense and for a long time have had the desire to apply it to my own life. What I quickly learned was that by 'giving' healing to others, I was able to gain so much more than I could ever have imagined on my own.


The connection we as individuals have to everyone and everything, not only in the 'physical' sense, but the non-physical or 'energetic' sense is truly amazing! Once I started to explore reiki and other energy & sound healing modalities, it opened up an entire world to me that was always there.... I simply did not have an awareness of it.  I have always felt an innate desire to help people feel 'happier,' to give them a dose of positive energy and encouragement. In the past this was primarily given in some sort of 'verbal' form. Now I have discovered that a person also receives an incredible amount of positivity and healing with no words spoken at all. 


The combination of loving intention and the pure flow of healing energy that I allow to channel through me to help the individual client is very powerful. By creating a sacred space for the client to connect with their own higher self, I am 'holding the space' and being present simply as a conduit to focus and deliver this healing and loving energy to them. We all have direct access to this anytime we want it, but sometimes we need a little guidance or support to receive it more fully. When a person is in an environment where the vibrational frequency is raised and he/she is relaxed enough to quiet the constant processing of the mind, true healing can flow to them with much greater ease. Some have described it as the deepest meditative state they have ever experienced. 

As I go forward, my hope is to support as many people as possible on their healing paths, but more importantly to educate them on the value of loving and honoring themselves enough to receive healing as a regular part of their lives. I am beyond grateful for this 'awakening' and am grateful for the opportunity to share it with my clients. Every client is also my teacher and for that I am most grateful.


A little bit about me:  I am originally from the east coast (Massachusetts) and moved to sunny San Diego in 2003. I was very drawn to the diversity and energy of the area, not to mention the fabulous weather! I am very blessed to have many family members who have also settled close by and am happy to now call San Diego my home.

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