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Chakra Balancing

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Chakra Balancing

What is a Chakra?

The word Chakra comes from an ancient Indian language known as Sanskrit, Chakra means vortex, spinning wheel, or circle. Chakras are the major centers of spiritual power in the human body and are circles of energy which balance, store and distribute the energies of life all through our physical body along the subtle energetic light body. To visualize a Chakra in your body, imagine a swirling wheel of energy that keeps you vibrant, healthy, and alive. If a chakra is not performing correctly, this can cause our physical, mental, emotional or energetic selves to have imbalance. Although there are hundreds of chakras in our body, there are seven major chakras (shown below). Each of the seven main chakras correlates with specific emotional and physical attributes. They coincide with the positions along the spinal cord of the major nerve ganglia in our physical body. These seven main chakras start at the base of the spine and move upwards to the crown of the head.

Photo of the seven main chakras and their meanings.

The seven main chakras and their meanings

How can chakra balancing therapy help you?

The chakra system is constantly changing in response to the stresses of life.  Some chakras may be overactive or over-stimulated, others may be sluggish or deficient in energy flow. There may be some energetic blocks present, or some distortion in the structure of the chakras themselves. If there is too much or too little energy flowing through a particular chakra, this will have a negative impact on the functions associated with that chakra. Chakra balancing helps to bring about an optimal flow of energy through each chakra, and create balance in the sense that energy is more evenly distributed. 

There are many ways to recalibrate and increase flow of the chakra system. Several popular ways to work with the main seven chakras may include particular healing tools and methods to enhance the intention of flow and health. These can not only result in chakra healing, but the entire subtle energy field and physical body as well.  Some examples are listed below, but there are many ways to use and combine these methods for chakra health. 

  • Chakra Meditation – meditation (often guided or via music) is a popular way to work with and bring healing intention to each of the seven chakras, typically focusing on the associated colors and emotional meanings of each.  

  • Chakra Crystals – this is the use of various chakra healing crystals and stones on the body. The crystals and stones each have special healing properties that are often placed on the chakra locations of the body to facilitate healing.

  • Chakra Sound Therapy – there are many ways to use sound healing frequencies or vibrational sound therapy to work with the chakras. This can include the use of many different sound healing instruments (see Sound Healing) or even the use of one's voice by chanting or toning to move stagnant energy and increase flow.

  • Essential Oils – aromatherapy involves the use of various essential oils to relieve pain, improve mood, and promote a sense of relaxation due to their particular healing properties/energies. This also aids in the flow of energy for the goal of chakra clearing and balancing.

Benefits of Chakra Balancing

Try Chakra Balancing if you wish to: 

  • Release emotional pain from past experiences that gets stored at a subtle levels of the body

  • Experience more vitality

  • Shift the energy around deeply rooted behaviors, helping you break free of old conditioned patterns

  • Nourish and develop specific positive traits

  • Experience greater ease and clarity during a transition of any sort

  • Deeply cleanse and nourish your energetic channels

  • Supplement and support your spiritual, meditation, and yoga practice

  • Enliven your inner intelligence, allowing you to bloom into your full potential

Everyone can benefit from a chakra healing treatment. You do not have to have a particular ailment or issue. Clients who simply want to alleviate stress can benefit greatly from this kind of energy healing 'tune-up.' There really aren’t any limits to what Chakra Balancing can do for a person. As a rule, when your Chakras are in balance, you feel good and experience better physical and emotional health. 

If your are interested in chakra healing, give me a call to set up a session or book below!

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