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Private Sound Immersion

Do you have a workshop, retreat, class or private event that would 

be enhanced with the addition of healing sound?

Imagine your healing workshop or training being even more impactful!

By working alongside individuals such as:

  • Reiki practitioners

  • Yoga teachers

  • Meditation leaders

  • Breathwork facilitators

  • Coaches (life/spiritual/career)

We have been able to literally raise the vibration in the room and set a beautiful tone for the event. The sacred and peaceful energy emitted by the singing bowls seems to add a sense of calm and connectedness among participants, enhancing the overall experience. 


Want include something unique to your a corporate wellness activity or special event

Offering group or individual sessions on site for:

  • Corporate wellness for employees

  • Bridal/Bachellorette parties

  • Graduation/Retirement parties

  • Private events for any occasion

Group sessions include various instruments such as quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, ting shas, bells, chimes, drums, rattles etc. The group is typically invited to sit or lie down comfortably with their eyes closed and focusing on their breathing while the sound is played.


See some comments below from participants about the addition of sound healing to their event:

How did the Crystal & Tibetan bowl playing affect your experience?

  • "It was pretty sounds that seemed to help us up & the creative juices."

  • "LOVED this. Totally elevated the experience."

  • "I love sound healing! Raised vibration in room."

  • "It really enhanced my meditation."

  • "I found it invaluable. The sound really assists in opening up and aligning."

  • "Awesome! I got lost in the sound."

  • "Amazing... really helped me get into guided visualization easily."


CONTACT ME to include sound healing at your next event!

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