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I see you. 

I see your light and your pain, your strengths and your shame.  

How do I know you?  Because I have been you in some way shape, or form.  All of us are simply facets of the whole, the sacred Oneness with many names.  Spiritual and energetic beings of light having a dense, physical human experience.  Sometimes the contrast is uncomfortable... so much so that we find ourselves feeling lost, frustrated, overwhelmed  and alone... stuck in the dark

t here's the 'good' news - this is when the light is the brightest

It doesn't matter what you currently believe to be true about your ability to shift into a more peaceful, authentic and fulfilling place in your life.  It's OK that you have yet to reach that goal or fully experience the self-acceptance you crave...  because change is always possible. I know you just want to be happy.  Believe it or not, you have all the answers inside of you.  Sometimes we just need someone to support us - to hold a sacred space and help guide us back to ourselves

Give yourself the chance to find what 'happiness' truly means for you once the old programs and expectations fall away.  You might be surprised.  It starts with giving yourself the space and grace to explore new ways of thinking, new ways of seeing yourself and therefore others. We are all one after all. 

I invite you to really listen to the whispers of your soul and the wisdom of your heart.
The truth has always been there, waiting for you to discover

This is where our journey begins...

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Why Coach With Me?


Through our work together, clients have described profound shifts in mindset, behavior, and perspective.  

  • Get 'unstuck' by unravelling your limiting beliefs from who you are and what is actually possible.

  • Gain clarity about your priorities, aligning them with your core values.   

  • Learn how to build bridges between your desired goals and real progress.

  • Develop more self-compassion, confidence and resilience when faced with life's challenges.

  • Cultivate a deeper connection to and reverence for the inner knowing of your higher self.

​​​​Your commitment to and focus on what really matters sends out a powerful ‘signal’ to the Universe, enabling more joy and abundance to flow into your life.  ​

Client Focus

I tailor each coaching session to meet the unique needs and goals of each person. I provide a compassionate and non-judgmental space for exploration and growth. Whether navigating life transitions, seeking emotional/spiritual knowledge, or striving for personal achievements, I offer support, encouragement and accountability every step of the way.

My Approach

My coaching approach integrates a blend of traditional life coaching and self-growth techniques, spiritual and energy healing principles, and intuitive guidance. By combining practical tools with deep introspection, I help clients to uncover limiting beliefs, cultivate self-acceptance, and align with their true values and goals.

Core Values

The heart of my coaching philosophy includes the values of authenticity, compassion, and inner liberation. I believe in honoring where each individual is on their journey, My mission is to create a safe and nurturing space for clients to explore the many facets of themselves without judgment as they strive towards the goals that mean the most to them.  

What it's like to work together ...

Savannah R.

Terry has been the best to work with! I strongly believe we are attracted to the people we're meant to have in our lives, if you're reading this, chances are you are meant to meet her. I would not hesitate making an appointment! I've been working with Terry for 7 months, basically every week doing a session. I've been doing her reiki and coaching packages, interchanging reiki and coaching every other week. I absolutely love her style of reiki as it includes a little talking, sound healing, reiki & massage. She's super intuitive and truly helped me see my life in a different light. Her coaching sessions mixed in with reiki amplified the results of all the energy work we did together. I feel like my life has completely transformed in 7 months. I was in a really hard place when I started and today I've got a completely different trajectory for my life, it feels like a lifetime of changes in 7 months. My career is different, my mind feels totally different, I've been making positive changes without feeling pressure or stress. I honestly feel great & I credit Terry for helping me see things differently, helping me grow through painful moments and helping me commit to making big life changes. If you're going through a hard time, the mix of physical energy healing with coaching is the perfect combo to get shit done & making positive life changes! She's the best!

Lori R. 

Terry, you made it so easy for me to recognize and access my hidden potential!  I feel stronger, lighter, more empowered and resilient.  Your coaching exercises started me in one place but took me on a journey to unexpected and hidden places in myself that were life changing to discover.  I knew I wanted a healthier relationship with food and a consistent routine of physical activity and strengthening and it was easy to come up with steps on how to do that and I loved your support along the way that helped me stay accountable to myself.  But what I discovered with your guidance is that it was not so much about the “easy” relationship with food, but truly about the “uncomfortable” parts of the relationship with my mom that I truly needed to address to move through my own misunderstandings about self-worth and self-limiting beliefs getting in my own way.  My relationship with my mom has shifted in remarkable ways and so has my relationship with my body!  I am forever grateful for your intuitive guidance and giving me the space and opportunity to make empowered and beneficial changes in my life.

Tina M.

Terryellen is an amazingly unique coach. I have worked with many coaches and counselors over my healing journey throughout the years; only to end up in self-help burn out. She is one of the only coaches who have helped me push my life forward in ways I had not experienced before. She was able to hold space and coach me along the way while I discovered answers deep within myself that I had never considered. This is where the true transformation happens. She never once told me these are the steps you “need” to take to be successful. While there can be value in that approach, she somehow knows how to guide you to blend your mind and your heart. I was able to feel and see real healing in myself and I was able to step forward in my life in a bigger way. I was able to forgive myself for the action I didn’t take when I should have, I was able to drop the guilt and fully imbody self-love. I also learn to honor my unique self. I have never met anyone that just instantly makes you feel seen. In a world hyper fixated on being perfect and “compare” culture; Terryellen is a breath of fresh air. She guides you to your truth. She is humble, warm, and very relatable. I’m forever grateful for the work we have done together and continue to do together. If she has crossed your path, there is a reason and you will be changed for the better, I promise you.

Bridget H.

I can’t recommend Terry​ellen as a life coach enough. This was my first experience with life coaching, but I never thought I would get so much out of something like this. I started out doing reiki w​ith​ her and then had th​e opportunity to also get into life coaching with her. Terry is the perfect person for this because as a client, I got so much more out of life coaching with having her expertise in the spiritual​/reiki side as well. If we are living as spiritual beings, I think it’s so important to incorporate that into our daily and life goals as well. I had weekly calls with ​h​er to make sure that I was staying on track and on top of my goals which made it easier for me to stay accountable. We set goals that I felt I could achieve​.​ We did more small steps to get to the big picture rather than setting a big goal ​that felt difficult to achieve. Having her there to help guide me but also challenge me and get answers from within is a tool that I will take with me throughout ​my life. I learned more about myself and what I am capable of than I thought possible. If you are thinking about starting life coaching, Terryellen is 100% the coach for you. Take the leap!

It's never too late to make a shift
Change starts with a single step

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