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If Loving Yourself is Wrong,

You don't Wanna be Right!


Feel the Love this Valentine's Day

Pamper Yourself (and the ones you love)! 


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Signature Session (90 min) 
ONLY $122

(ENTER CODE: FEBSIG under 'Promotion/Discount?' when booking)

*Purchase by 2/29/24 to lock in deal!

Sessions can be booked at any time.


In this most popular session, a combination of healing styles are used including sound healing (crystal/Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, drums, rattles, etc.), reiki healing, chakra balancing, Swedish  massage, as well as other intuitive/energy healing techniques. Each session is a deeply healing & unique and personal experience.  ​Also Included:  Heated table and soothing aromatherapy. 

Pre-session discussion and post feedback.


(3) Session Package

(ENTER CODE: FEB10 under 'Promotion/Discount?' when booking)

*Purchase by 2/29/24 to lock in deal!

Sessions can be booked at any time.


Choose any of the various Session Packages

and Book your 1st of 3 Sessions now!

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New Service!
Transformational Coaching
FREE Complimentary Session

Feeling stuck, frustrated, lost, unfulfilled?


As a certified Life/Spiritual coach, my mission is to help individuals align their heart, mind and body with their divine guidance system. Through personalized coaching, I support the client with acceptance and healing of inner blocks, allowing them to unlock and embrace their true radiance, purpose and potential.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of transformation and experience more

clarity, joy and fulfillment, schedule a 

FREE Complimentary session today.

*Also ASK ME ABOUT a Powerful

Personalized Package including BOTH

Coaching AND In-Office Sessions!

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