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Wellness Packages

The path to wellness is a commitment to one's self... an expression of self-love.


Receiving regular healing sessions and making time for your own self-care is essential to achieve well-being.  People who work with me on an ongoing basis experience deeper and more lasting results. This allows any stagnant energy that is not in flow to be released , freeing up more space for light to enter. Give yourself  permission to heal, grow and experience peace.

Wellness Packages
*To book:   Choose (1) service type within your preferred package and book it on the individual 'Services' page here
Please indicate the name of the package you want at the final stage of booking. 

candle and flower reprepsenting wellness packages

Signature Package


             (4) 90 min. Signature Sessions



oil and flowers for the relaxation wellness package

Relaxation Package


           (1) 60 min. Therapeutic Massage

           (1) 60 min. Reiki Massage

           (1) 60 min. (Choice of one above)




Inner Peace Package


           (1) 40 min. Sound Healing

           (1) 60 min. Reiki Session

           (1) 60 min. Chakra Balancing




wellness packages at essential balance energy
Session Packs
If you would like a (3) or (6) Session Pack
of any individual Service Type,
Please Click Here for Pricing.
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