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New Client Specials!

(90 min.)  

Signature Session

(120 min.)  

Signature Session

New Client Specials


Specials, Workshops and Updates!

Imagine how incredible you would feel if your life included the following:
  • Deep Relaxation & Peace of Mind

         A foundational physical and emotional 

         calmness to better handle life's stressors. 

  • Balance Within

         Nurturing of your mind, body and spirit,

         creating more harmony and stability.

  • Freedom from Painful Blocks

         Healing your energetic barriers to

         health & happiness.​

  • Loving Connection

         A stronger relationship to one's higher self 

         and true spirit, allowing more love and


We all want to feel GOOD.

Most would agree it involves maintaining optimum physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Everyone has the innate ability to allow and receive healing energy in many different forms. 

Unfortunately, most of us have become so immersed in the barrage of stressors around us, and often within us, that we disconnect from this healing energy by neglecting our own needs.  We feel overwhelmed and depleted, often causing emotional and/or physical pain.

The good news is, this can also serve as a gift, nudging us to practice more self-care, more self-love

If we feel unwell, how can we be fully present to experience the joy and happiness we all desire? If we create the space in our lives and pause to just ‘be,’ we can actually relax enough to go within

and open up more pathways to healing.

At Essential Balance & Healing, the most 

peaceful, nurturing and sacred space is

provided for clients, allowing them

to reach a deep, meditative level of relaxation.

Each session is a unique and personal 


By utilizing various styles of vibrational

sound, energy healing, and massage

therapy, a pure and powerful energy 

begins to flow. When a person allows the

flow of this pure, loving energy, a natural

connection to the 'true self' is rediscovered

This state of peace is where new levels of well-being are discovered that many did not think possible.


 It would be an honor to be your guide as we co-create this powerful healing experience.    

woman reiki healing massage
reiki healing near me
Terryellen O'Neil, reiki master near me in San Diego

Terryellen O'Neil

LMT, Reiki Master

hands in ohm position for reiki


"I had such an amazing experience with Terryellen that I immediately signed up for a package of 4 additional sessions. The session began with Terryellen using bowls that settled me into a deep relaxation and meditation and then she went into balancing my Chakras and energy healing that really showed how talented she is.  I signed up for thr combo package that also included a massage.  I cant say enough about how great i felt afterwards and what a unique and amazing experience it all was".

—  Wesley P., Lieutenant, Medical Service Corps Officer, U.S. Navy 

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